The North American Railcar Corporation was created to bring new and uniquely decorated models of railway rolling stock to the N-scale and HO-scale model railroading hobby communities. Our three guiding principles are:

  • Customer Service
  • Product Differentiation, and
  • Quality

That means that we will strive to produce and deliver what our clients want to buy, we will produce never-before-offered products, and we will maintain prototypical accuracy. Along the way, we will work with our partners to continuously improve product quality and customer service through research, innovative design techniques, as well as streamlined reservation, production, and delivery methods.


Our Approach

We believe that working directly with key players in the prototype railway industry, such as the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation, is an effective means of ensuring product accuracy and developing new and exciting product lines. We also believe that a close working relationship with our suppliers and retailing partners will result in a consistent level of high quality and opportunities for improvement with each new product that we release. Toward that end, we have selected one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of model railroad products in the industry today to be our primary supplier. The same people in Hong Kong and China who bring you the very best from the traditional brands we all respect will be building our cars and locomotives as well.

As model railroaders ourselves, we understand the frustration that results from missing out on popular products that sell out quickly, often before they have been shipped from the manufacturer. In order to ensure that this does not happen to our customers, we have selected PWRS Retailing, Ltd. to provide distribution and retailing services for our products, using their unique on-line customer reservation system.


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